60 Second Tips – Effective Use Of eBay’s Best Offer

This episode shows you how I use eBay’s ‘Best Offer’ function to offer in bulk and to automatically knock a set amount off each item. Much quicker than using the eBay app to make occasional, one by one offers.

‘Simple but Effective!’

**Disclaimer – All advice is based on my own meandering experience. Follow it at your own risk!

60 Second Tips – Reverse Image Searches!

Welcome to episode 5 of ‘60 Second Tips’.

Designed to provide some simple golden nuggets for Ebayers and Resellers including a variety of advice, hacks and suggestions to make life easier, make more sales and/or to improve your Reselling journey.

This episode shows you how to do a reverse image search when you are struggling to find similar items to yours on eBay or the internet. This is a brilliant tool that you can turn to, it doesn’t always work, but can save you a load of time endlessly searching for your unusual item!

‘Simple but Effective!’

60 Second Tips – Organising Your EBay Stock The Easy Way!

Welcome to the episode 4 of my mini series ‘60 Second Tips’.

Designed to provide some simple golden nuggets for Resellers including a variety of advice, hacks and suggestions to make life easier, make more sales and/or to improve your Reselling journey.

This episode is all about learning from my failures and getting your stock organised! If you are a new Ebay Reseller then this is easy peasy, if you are like me and wish you had adopted this method years ago then it will take some time to change, but probably worth it in the end.

As always it’s ‘Simple but Effective!’

60 Second Tips – All About The Armpits

Welcome to the episode 2 of my brand new series ‘60 Second Tips’.

Designed to provide some simple golden nuggets for Resellers including a variety of advice and suggestions to make life easier and to improve your Reselling journey.

This time it’s all about the armpits! We hear loads of buyers and sellers talking about the pit to pit measurement and when I first started selling clothing I didn’t know about it. Then I realised you have to add some measurements to help sell your item and also to minimise returns! It’s not really good enough to just add the size like Medium or Large as they can vary massively with brands. So when listing your tops, tees, shirts, sweaters, coats etc… AT THE VERY LEAST, if you do nothing more, make sure you add the Armpit to Armpit measurement.

Simple but Effective!

60 Second Tips – Removing Grime From Discs

Welcome to the first episode of my brand new series ‘60 Second Tips’.

Designed to provide some simple golden nuggets for Resellers including a variety of advice and suggestions to make life easier and to improve your Reselling journey.

First up is something great you can do with Mr Muscle Window Cleaner! (No I have not been paid for this).

This method of cleaning the disc is simply to remove any grime, fingerprints and light removable marks. It will not assist in any way with any scratches. Squirt a small amount of the product on the shiny side of the disc, use a very soft cloth or soft tissue and apply it to the surface spray so it soaks up some of the product, then proceed to lightly clean the disc from inner to outer edge mainly, very little pressure required. Once all the fluid has evaporated, or after a couple of times round, you can stop there. It should have removed the aforementioned grime. If it appears hazy on the surface you may need to just gently buff it with a very soft cloth to finish off the shine.

Simple but Effective!

**Disclaimer – I picked up this tip around 20 years ago from fellow gaming stores when I ran my own shop and I find it works a treat if done properly. But following my advice is entirely at your own risk as I can’t be there to help you!

My First Month On Amazon FBA!!

I just started selling on Amazon FBA. After 30 Days I thought I would show you my results.

Is it worth using FBA?
Did I make any profit?

I would love the hear any of your FBA tips please, I am new to this and learning and researching. Feels like I am starting all over again! Feel free to help!

Reseller Tip – Global Shipping Programme by EBay

If you are new to selling on eBay, have not yet ventured into international sales or don’t have the confidence to do it on your own yet (like me) then eBay’s Global Shipping Programme is definitely for you!!

It makes sending an international item just as easy as sending something to the UK, no hassle, no worry about loss or damage and any customs or tax is sorted for your buyer. All these costs don’t come out of your pocket either, it’s paid for by the buyer.

This is an official video from eBay for Business which explains all.

If you don’t do international then you should do it, at least with GSP!

Top tips for resellers!

I got so many great tips and little golden nuggets of advice from fellow resellers and youtubers when I started out reselling as a part time business. I am always learning and gathering information and constantly evolve my reselling activities to test new ideas and products.

Here are some of my best tips, but ultimately please share yours in the comments too, I would love to hear them.

New Horizons – Each time I go out thrifting, sourcing or car booting I always try to find something new, from a new category or an item I have not tried before. Take a chance on something different (as long as you can afford to lose what you paid). Doing this will help you widen your knowledge, increase your stock and broaden your opportunities in sourcing. If you stay narrow you may also limit your profits.

List Promptly – Try to list your items as soon as you can after buying them. This is not as easy as it sounds, you can very easily buy faster than you can list which creates ‘death piles’ and can demotivate or leave a feeling of a never ending task. When I initially find and buy an item theres that connection, memory and general feel good factor associated with it. If you don’t list quickly you can effectively fall out of love with the it as you move on to the next one. You kind of lose the connection as it gets left behind.

Sale Time! – Put your entire inventory on sale, 10%, 15%, 20% on a fairly regular basis. I tend to do a sale every 5/6 weeks or so and let it run for the full 2 weeks. This helps you shift stock and keep some momentum going as well as earn some cash of course. Don’t forget the other marketing tools on ebay too; Codeless vouchers allow you to create a discount only for people that you share a special link with. Multi buy discounts are well worth setting up and leaving in situ permanently to encourage multiple sales, plus you can set up static deals like buy any one item and get a second 20% off. I have all these set up all the time.

Promote – Many resellers have all their listings set to promoted for say 1% or 2% all the time to try and get their items in front of more buyers. I do use this and it does bring in sales but I tend to vary it up by doing 1 month at 1% and then turn if off for a few weeks and then flick it back on for a month at say 2%. Making bulk changes to your listing on a regular basis can help refresh them too.

Be Regular – I think this is one of the best tips. List on a regular basis, every day if you can. Even if its just 3, 4 or 5 items. Ebay’s algorithms definitely like this. I tend to work on say 20 items in one sitting but save them all as drafts. DO NOT be tempted to just get them all on straight away unless this is your daily number anyway. Save them and activate them over the next few days, drip feeding them effectively. This will help you stay regular without having to actually be regular. I would say you will almost certainly notice a difference in sales by doing this.

Best Offer – Trust me, this golden nugget could rocket your sales. This was a game changer for me. Add best offer to EVERYTHING (even if it means altering your price a little). People like to barter, negotiate just like we do when we buy the items in the first place. Everyone likes to get a deal or feel like they are getting a deal. Don’t be offended by low ball offers, use it as a chance to start a conversation with the potential buyer. ALWAYS counter offer if its not good enough for you. NEVER just flatly refuse, how do you know what they are willing to go to? Sometimes its good to counter with a personal note, I do this often. I never have any settings to automatically decline an offer below a certain amount, many people do this but I just see it as a lost opportunity.

Order, ORDER – Get your stock in order now before you are too far gone, like me! I would suggest you use a numbered container system, you can add that number into your listing, either hidden in the custom SKU line or some add it at the bottom of their description somewhere. I am way behind with this but its the one thing I would change if I could go back in time. I have lost items and sales by not being organised like this and that is the worse thing ever.

So just a few of my best tips to help you.

I would love to hear your best bits of advice to so please leave a comment.

In the meantime take a look at my full Top 10 on Youtube…

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Do you live in North West of England?

If you live in, or don’t mind travelling into any of these places; Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Wales etc… Then you might like to join my Facebook group where we share details of local Car Boot Sales, Table Tops, Jumble Sales and similar such sourcing opportunities and events.

The group has been gathering momentum with hundreds of members and we have all been discovering new events to go to in the area.

The only thing I ask is that you don’t use it to share items you have for sale, it’s not a for sale or swap page, and if you hear about or see advertised a suitable event then you share it in the community.

Thanks and see you there!

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