Thrifting In The USA With A Reselling Legend!

We spent a whole day thrifting in the USA with Jason T Smith and Staci. We had a lot of fun, found some great items, drank some Tiki cocktails and met some fellow resellers on our journey!

We focussed mainly on the Little Five Points and surrounding areas of Atlanta.

Huge Bundle of Cameras!

I tend to avoid buying electronics cos most of time i get home and it doesnt work! Plus i dont know how to fix stuff either.

I went to a recent Jumble Trail and decided to dip my toe back into this category, mainly because i felt there was some good deals to be had.

Let me know what you think of this lot…

UK vs USA with Legends Jason T Smith & Staci

Join us for our Reseller Ramblings chat and this week we have special guests Jason T Smith and his wife Staci, LIVE from Manchester UK to the bright lights of Las Vegas!

Jason and Staci live in Vegas and have been thrifting most of their lives, selling on multiple platforms including Ebay, Amazon and more, and he had his own TV show a few years back too!

Jason runs a fantastic youtube channel, a brilliant FB group called ‘The Thrifting Board’ and travels all over the USA teaching people how to thrift in both the classroom and directly in local charity/thrift stores!

We’ll be doing a fun 20 questions between us, sharing a few recent pick ups, talking about reselling in the UK and USA and taking questions from the viewing chat.

Reseller Ramblings LIVE on YouTube!

Join us for our Reseller Ramblings LIVE chat where we will be sharing some of this weeks pick ups from Car Boot Sales and Charity Shops.

Plus this weeks topic is…Collectables Past, Present and Future.

What did you own back in the day that you wish you had kept hold of now?
What current items do you think will be worth good money in a few years?
Are you actually storing or collecting things that you hope to bring out and sell in the future?

‘Reseller Lads’ Chat Hosted By Yours Truly!

Welcome to the Reseller Lads LIVE weekly chit chat. This weeks theme is recent pick ups and hauls and we will each be sharing some items we sourced recently from any of the following… Car Boot Sales, Jumble Sales, Table Tops, Charity Shops, Facebook Marketplace, Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage and more! Plus, as always, taking questions from you guys.

Turning Pocket Money Into A Wage!

I decided to make a pretty big decision on my Reselling adventure, to reduce some hours in my stable and secure full time job and to use that time to focus 1 day a week on the unpredictability of Reselling.

A big gamble? Sheer madness? Right….

I have been Reselling as a part time business since 2015, earning pocket money in my spare time. Now, for the first time, I’m under some real pressure!

I documented my first full day on the ‘new’ job.

What would you do?

Our mysterious invitation to eBay HQ!

We received an unusual invitation to EBay HQ in London for a mysterious business seller meeting last week. Very interesting it was too!

As it’s a 4hr drive for us we made a bit of a road trip of it and did Thorpe Park Theme Park, EBay HQ and then our final day spent thrift shopping in some posh, and some not so posh, areas of London.

It’s all in one mega vlog…

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