‘Reseller Lads’ Chat Hosted By Yours Truly!

Welcome to the Reseller Lads LIVE weekly chit chat. This weeks theme is recent pick ups and hauls and we will each be sharing some items we sourced recently from any of the following… Car Boot Sales, Jumble Sales, Table Tops, Charity Shops, Facebook Marketplace, Retail Arbitrage, Online Arbitrage and more! Plus, as always, taking questions from you guys.

Hilarious 20 Questions With Guest ‘Money Mental UK’

We are Going LIVE again for a very special additional episode of Reseller Ramblings!

For the first time we have a special guest on our live show, Andrew from Money Mental UK.

As well as the usual chit chat, witty banter and ‘Reseller Ramblings’ we will be asking each other a set of 20 questions between us, completely unseen and unscripted, to help you all get to know us better! Should be a laugh!

Plus a special challenge revealed so DO NOT MISS THIS!

Turning Pocket Money Into A Wage!

I decided to make a pretty big decision on my Reselling adventure, to reduce some hours in my stable and secure full time job and to use that time to focus 1 day a week on the unpredictability of Reselling.

A big gamble? Sheer madness? Right….

I have been Reselling as a part time business since 2015, earning pocket money in my spare time. Now, for the first time, I’m under some real pressure!

I documented my first full day on the ‘new’ job.

What would you do?

My First Month On Amazon FBA!!

I just started selling on Amazon FBA. After 30 Days I thought I would show you my results.

Is it worth using FBA?
Did I make any profit?

I would love the hear any of your FBA tips please, I am new to this and learning and researching. Feels like I am starting all over again! Feel free to help!

Reseller Tip – Global Shipping Programme by EBay

If you are new to selling on eBay, have not yet ventured into international sales or don’t have the confidence to do it on your own yet (like me) then eBay’s Global Shipping Programme is definitely for you!!

It makes sending an international item just as easy as sending something to the UK, no hassle, no worry about loss or damage and any customs or tax is sorted for your buyer. All these costs don’t come out of your pocket either, it’s paid for by the buyer.

This is an official video from eBay for Business which explains all.

If you don’t do international then you should do it, at least with GSP!

Our mysterious invitation to eBay HQ!

We received an unusual invitation to EBay HQ in London for a mysterious business seller meeting last week. Very interesting it was too!

As it’s a 4hr drive for us we made a bit of a road trip of it and did Thorpe Park Theme Park, EBay HQ and then our final day spent thrift shopping in some posh, and some not so posh, areas of London.

It’s all in one mega vlog…

15% Off My Ebay Store, Just For You…

Do you live in North West of England?

If you live in, or don’t mind travelling into any of these places; Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Wales etc… Then you might like to join my Facebook group where we share details of local Car Boot Sales, Table Tops, Jumble Sales and similar such sourcing opportunities and events.

The group has been gathering momentum with hundreds of members and we have all been discovering new events to go to in the area.

The only thing I ask is that you don’t use it to share items you have for sale, it’s not a for sale or swap page, and if you hear about or see advertised a suitable event then you share it in the community.

Thanks and see you there!

Welcome to the world of Car Boot Chris!

Hi, thanks for visiting my website!

I created the site as a way to connect up everything I do in one handy location. My social media stuff, YouTube videos, Facebook groups, advice, blogs and loads more. I hope that you gain something from some of my content…a piece of advice, an idea or some inspiration.

I have been buying and selling on eBay since the year 2000, nearly 20 years. In 2015 I stepped it up a bit and turned it into a very small side income. Currently on eBay and Facebook but about to move into Amazon and Etsy. I was inspired by some YouTube resellers like Nic and Andrea Hills, watching what they found and how they sold it. My aim was simple, earn enough to pay for a nice holiday each year for me and Annabell aka ‘Bargain Bell’.

I learnt so much from other resellers that I decided to start making my own videos. To pay it forward in effect, and hopefully help a few other people or those new to the game. My channel is called ‘Cookie & The Hayden’s’ and I have other playlists on there as-well as Car Boot Chris including our world famous Cocker Spaniel…’Cookie’.

There is a lot more to this journey, but this is a start. I’ll fill you in on the bits in between as we go along.

Stay Tuned 😀

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