Clearing Stock By Selling At The Car Boot Sale!

We decided to clear some stock and set up a table at Adam’s Chelford Car Boot Sale in Cheshire not too far from us.

An early start, lots of fun and we get to be there at a god awful time to buy some gear too!

But was it worth it??

Do you live in North West of England?

If you live in, or don’t mind travelling into any of these places; Greater Manchester, Lancashire, North Wales etc… Then you might like to join my Facebook group where we share details of local Car Boot Sales, Table Tops, Jumble Sales and similar such sourcing opportunities and events.

The group has been gathering momentum with hundreds of members and we have all been discovering new events to go to in the area.

The only thing I ask is that you don’t use it to share items you have for sale, it’s not a for sale or swap page, and if you hear about or see advertised a suitable event then you share it in the community.

Thanks and see you there!