60 Second Tips – Removing Grime From Discs

Welcome to the first episode of my brand new series ‘60 Second Tips’.

Designed to provide some simple golden nuggets for Resellers including a variety of advice and suggestions to make life easier and to improve your Reselling journey.

First up is something great you can do with Mr Muscle Window Cleaner! (No I have not been paid for this).

This method of cleaning the disc is simply to remove any grime, fingerprints and light removable marks. It will not assist in any way with any scratches. Squirt a small amount of the product on the shiny side of the disc, use a very soft cloth or soft tissue and apply it to the surface spray so it soaks up some of the product, then proceed to lightly clean the disc from inner to outer edge mainly, very little pressure required. Once all the fluid has evaporated, or after a couple of times round, you can stop there. It should have removed the aforementioned grime. If it appears hazy on the surface you may need to just gently buff it with a very soft cloth to finish off the shine.

Simple but Effective!

**Disclaimer – I picked up this tip around 20 years ago from fellow gaming stores when I ran my own shop and I find it works a treat if done properly. But following my advice is entirely at your own risk as I can’t be there to help you!

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